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im french and I don't speak english very well so sorry for mistakes I will make

I have KotOR2 installed and my patcher doesn't work so I have downloaded the v1.b patch on lucas game official site.

i have downloaded TJM and installed him succesfully
when I star the game, mod works, skin is new and when I began a new game I have to choose new kind of characters. So i think the mod is working

but after the first movies, when we arrived in the ship which look likes the first ship in KotOR1 the dialog begin and I can't see what other character say and I can't see the differents things I can say.
My probleme is that I can't see dialog but i can answer when I click '1' or '2'

So what I have to do pls? I'm a fan of KotOR and your mod loook likes awesome so help me plssssssss
I want to play TJM!!!!
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