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Gentlemen PLEASE;

The force unleashed is not a role playing game, it is not intended to get you into the role of a jedi making decissions through the galaxy. Of course, it is just a beat´em´up. So no more complains about it being linear and without story. I would say it has more story than many other games, full of stupid nowhere to go misssions, just to justify 100 hours of gaming.

This game intention is to make you feel the blood and adrenaline rushing through, just by mere combat, and to have an idea of what is the dark side full offensive potential. It is unique and revolutionary in the way you can use and take advantage of the environtment. Also the jedi powers are much more better and able than say "the revenge of the sith" for PS2. Of course it has budgets and flaws, and I guess everyone hates that platform part to get the sith robe in Raxus first stage (one of the coolest by far in my opinion).

About the controls they are intuitive, and very simple to get acquainted with. The only thing I complain about them is the speed. I agree it should be a little less fast.

I find this game one of the best ones lucas arts has made. The story gets deeper into the Star wars Universe, it is not an excuse to make a game, and I have played it over and over, so a second game is a long desired wish.

But I am not blind to its flaws of course. I hope in this second one they fix some of the main problems, wich for me are.
- Targeting system. Easy, simple, and just that. Sometimes you get pissed because you can´t waste your time trying to target a specific enemy (specially when swarmed by a horde)
- Levels variety. That really got me mad, with nine stages, two of them repeated? That was like being insulted (and I did not even count Kashyyik, which already was in the prologue) Are there not systems in star wars to explore? Coruscant, Malastare, Ord mantell and many more...
- Powers impact. Main powers are truly awesome, but the rest have very low impact. There is no choke, no mind affecting, and the like.
- Downloads. Three additional stages, not bad, but could get better. Also not been able to use the clothings from the last two in the main game is a pity, specially the darth one from Hoth.

I am sorry, but to play an RPG, KOTOR is awesome, but this kind of game is entirely different. It is action without too many thougths. Sometimes it is like feeling "mushin" if I can apply the japanesse term. And no RPG can give you that feeling.

Last forgive my english, I am non-native. =D

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