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Erebus downbelow with the other heroes fought to defend themselves from the rampaging zombie civilians. It was hard not to kill them, because Erebus had no idea what was going on inside of their heads.

He performed a series of katas he carefully executed, mixing his own Psionic Powers to deliver blows to the raging civilians. In his mind, he began wondering; he lived here in Gallion, a metropolis housing millions of people. It was even safe to clasify Erebus as a fellow resident; while a bounty hunter and a vigilante within the darkness of night. How could he be uneffected by whatever happened to these people?

Soon, the fighting had stopped. The civilians had suddenly calmed, and formed a circle around the uneffected vigilantes. He huffed and puffed, while staring at the surrounding civilians. What were they doing?

Soon a patrol of armed men came into the scene, aiming there weapons at the heroes. He suddenly heard a voice inside his head. A cold, sinister voice.

Erebus unsheathed his katana. The blade sung as it was open in the crisp air. "I think we now have a reason to defend ourselves through our own brutal methods." he grunted.
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