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"He is a tortured soul," Jun-la said out loud. "Surrender would be death unless the connection is severed."

She looked at the assassin with an examinating stare. She still had not reached for any of her weapons giving Tonatius time to wonder if she was being strategic of foolish. He was not a master at facial expressions and Lady Jun-la could always hide her intentions. For a brief moment, he thought he saw her as someone else as she stood erect and strong. She was saying, "Severing would end your pain. Would a temporary submission be suitable?"


Tavaryn had resheathed his sword. From the look on Alriana's face, he saw the grin. Too much had happened in her life to change her ways but he wasn't sure if he liked what he saw. He said, "Control that thought."

The Togorian had no idea what he meant by that and was momentarily distracted by the comment. He recovered though and began to follow through on his attack. He swung the axe from a downward angle, determined to give a piercing cut.

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