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Akeirra and Rani found their room with little difficulty. After storing what few belongings they had brought there, they headed down to rejoin the others. They ate together and talked, and Rani easily slipped into the role of translating words her roommate didn't know into smaller, more manageable pieces. Again, Akeirra tried to point out that the Meinari fleet she had mentioned before was not a military body, but contained the whole of Meinari civilization, as they had lost their planet. And this time, she was slightly more successful in getting her point across.

The next morning, Rani awoke to find Akeirra already up, sitting on the edge of her bed and staring out the window. Entrance exams weren't for another two hours, but Rani wanted to be sure they got there in plenty of time. Evidently, Akeirra had the same thing in mind.

Even after having a bit of breakfast, the two women were ready for the exam almost half an hour before it was scheduled to start. They went together to the room it was said to be in and found the door still locked. Settling in to wait, Rani tried to get Akeirra to talk, but the alien woman seemed more preoccupied with hearing the words of English spoken around them than in replying. With the faintest of sighs, Rani gave up and looked around, hoping to spot some of the other students she and Akeirra had met the day before.

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