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Ah, summer vacation. Enjoy it while you can, ultra young kiddies, because it won't last forever.

Unfortunately I've already had my vacation this February I went down to San Diego. Was a nice sunny getaway while it was sleeting and snowing up here in northern CA. Kind of awesome yet creepy to see that so many people I knew here and there from school(s) migrated down there. I can surely see why. Beaches, clean city...well mostly..., restaurants, nearby rural areas, just a whole bunch of amusements, and a fairly easygoing atmosphere. Pretty nice for a city down there--Hell, I might even sorta want to live there now, but it's soooo expensive...fat chance. Unfortunately I'm still paying that vaca off (Almost there though!) along with everything else I've got going.

Otherwise I'm just going to be working myself like crazy. I own my own property and several vehicles for my family. So the spoils have to be few:

This upcoming weekend, I'm going to the Ren Faire in Valhalla up at Lake Tahoe.

Want to actually try to get back into school...if I can't, I'll just study for the time being.

I do need to exercise.

I'll visit this forum.

Drive around at night blaring "baby got back".


Electronic projects. More often it's actually scavenging parts, but occasionally I get some neat stuff I can actually work with and successfully make something from.

Kendo and rapier swordplays. "Guild" as it were. Who knows, maybe my pals will follow me into the custom lightsaber bit--they sure liked the one I made a while back.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Spring Vacation - Work
Summer Vacation - Work
Fall Vacation - Work
Winter Vacation - Work
Christmas Vacation - Drink until I pass out, then wake up and go to... Work.

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!"

Seconded sans the drinking part (I swear it isn't a religious thing!) and Jack.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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