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Funny Stories.

Ok does anyone have any funny stories like funny dismemberments or just something Funny post it here ill share some

Ok yesterday got dismemberment to work and i spawned Desann,4 reborn with dual sabers,and 4 jedi i then unfroze them then they charged at us so we attacked 1 jedi was behind me another was infront of me one was diagonal from me and the last jedi was slayed so anyways my saber goes behind my head and i decapitate the jedi behind me then the jedi infront of me decapitated a reborn AND the Jedi diagonal of me and i ended up killing the jedi infront of me<the jedi behind me was a twilek<the one with the tentecales>the jedi infront of me was a black human male the jedi diagonal was a zabrak<the one with horns on her head>and last and least was the rodian<the bug thingy>

i would share another storie but i cant remeber any i guess i gotta go do one
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