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Originally Posted by Dak Drexl View Post
Like I believe that
I don't understand how people make textures like that. If there's any part to skinning I don't understand it's that! Awesome job.
You're making me blush. I think I was able to do Naga Sadow, because he's a wrinkled creature, and so I could detail all of the wrinkles as opposed to make smooth skin seem natural. But perhaps I'll surprise myself on my next mod which is...a secret!

Originally Posted by Jai'galaar Bralor View Post
I- *sputter* Erm- *hack* Uh- *gurgle*

This. Is. Awesome! Great to see a mod that gives you the option of playing/using a true blood Sith. Now if you did a Massassi, you would be ordered to immediately relocate to the Modding Hall of Fame.

I'm so glad you like it, although I think Naga Sadow is actually half sith and half human. But he kicked face like he was full blooded sith!
I've been thinking about how to make a massassi. Their head structure is unlike humans (which is all I've worked with so far) so I'll have to sift through all the alien species and maybe I can find a proper base.

Originally Posted by Revan's Aid View Post
You're so kind!

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