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Aruko found his room and met his roommate. He was expecting someone who would use their status to give him a hard time. He was completely surprised to find that Cadet Second Year Jason Soreson was rather polite and glad to see his new roommate. "So you're the new plebe? Jason Soreson," and he held out his hand.

Not wanting to get chewed out for an infraction, Aruko replied with a handshake, "Aruko Blackfern."

"Nice." He then went back to work unpacking his stuff to be ready for the term that would start next week.

Aruko looked at the empty bed with the piled sheets and took that to mean that was his bed. He dumped his stuff on it and started unpacking what he would need for the next day. No need to unpack everything until after the exams, if he passed.

"You'll pass."

"Excuse me?" Aruko asked.

"You'll pass," Jason repeated. "Just like them to place one of the more brillant ones with me."

"How come they placed me with you? Isn't that sacriligeous or something?"

"No idea. When I asked, the Commandant gave me the look that said I should shut it," Jason replied with a shrug. "Personally I thought it was because I had some trouble in slipstream theory but I passed that class with an exceeds expectation type grade. Must be because they know you are intelligent enough to pass with highest marks."

"Maybe," Aruko replied. His personal thought was that the Rokusian government was keeping tabs on him. He had to answer his application form truthfully so he put that he was half Rokusian with a human mother. The Academy knew what he was and there were some Rokusians who served in FedCON rather than their own forces.

"Well you better get some shut eye. Exams at 0900 for you." Jason gave a pat on Aruko's shoulder. "Don't worry about it."

The night passed without incident with supper with his new friends and an early turn in. Aruko was up early. His roommate was asleep when he stole down the hall to shower but was awake getting back. Jason just smiled and wished him luck before disappearing towards the showers.

Aruko walked towards the mess hoping that there was something that would stick to his ribs. He caught up with Ray and Damien who were debating, from the looks of it, on the merits of a particular fruit. He said his hellos and grabbed a dish of cantalope. Oatmeal was present and he grabbed a bowl before trying to get a cup of tea. Instead he was handed sludge that was identified as coffee and that was told that was it.

Aruko said nothing but gave a slight eyeroll as he looked for a table. Spotting Rani and the other girl Akierra, he made his way to the table. He said good morning and sat prepared to eat but not looking forward to the coffee. He held up his cup and looked at it and asked, "Rani, is coffee supposed to be like engine sludge?"

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