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I thought Temple of Doom was a great novelization (my least favorite is the Raiders of the Lost Ark adaption by Campbell Black; I personally don't care for his glib writing style). Reading should be a pleasure, not a tedious task where the reader has to force themselves to keep going. The trick, I think, in writing a good Indy story is to have an equal measure of action, humor, and information, so that the narrative maintains an entertaining flow, and the reader is always engaged intellectually, or laughing at some situation (usually involving poor Sophia, bless her heart).

It's a fine line to walk, and I hope that I can maintain the pace, and not 'jump the shark' the way LucasArts did with Infernal Machine. What makes my job easy is Hal Barwood's excellent storyline. The characters are literally in a different location every few chapters, so the story is constantly fresh and exciting. Believe me, I am doing this novel for the true diehard FOA fans, and I strive to make it as good as possible, because the game is legendary. It's a tall order to fill!

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