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Roman looked over as Haruka took off into the air, initiating the assault, he simply grinned.

"Hydra beginning maneuvers," he commented, activating the high-grade thrusters on the Lævateinn 2's back, it bobbed above the ground for a few moments before the Battle Suit stabalized, and the primaries kicked in, launching the Lævateinn 2 forward at amazing speed.

Roman shot past the front security of the fortress with ease, as the enemy Battle Suits took time to adjust and locate him, he turned his attention to the skies. He noticed Haruka was doing well, moving the Aegis 11 gracfully through the air. He could also see that without some help, even she would be overwhelmed by the enemy fire from the AA turrets on the surrounding mountains.

With a quick motion of hands-over-console, he brought the Lævateinn 2's Panzerschreck to bare, activating his prototype jet propulsion units to launch himself out of the way of enemy fire, as more units moved into the area to deal with him. While he concentrated on this, he split his attention into taking aim at the emplacements on the mountain, the suit's AI aiding him in this task, as he was split between two things, the help of his suit was always welcome.

A flick of some controls and the suit fired, taking out a gun emplacement with a loud 'thoom', as the explosive slug of the 'schreck' made contactwith it's target, blowing it off the face of the mountain. 'There are more, too far, too taxed between jobs, need to pull away,' he thought as he launched the Lævateinn 2 away from the mountains and fortress, hitting some switches and reloading the suit's 'schreck' with the longer, thinnner, unexplosive, yet powerful FMJ rounds, which gave his powerhouse weapon a more long-range, sniper-esque quality.

On a dime the suit turned immediately around, noticing several enemy suits had managed to pursue, he lowered the 'schreck', firing a single round, it tore through two suits, and nearly ripped off the arm of another as Roman proceeded to charge them, roaring past them at great speed, enemy rounds flying around him, and trailing behind him as they attempted to take him down. As he flitted about, drawing the attention of most ground-based foes, he yet again split his attention, taking aim at the AA turrets higher up on the mountains, he proceeded to target and detroy each one slowly, yet consecutively, until he could see no more.

With this he proceeded to replace the Battle Suit's 'schreck' on it's back, and activate the suit's shoulder mounted Rotary Gun, Roman slipping his left hand into a arm-encompassing 'cuff' that had a similar purpose as to that of the suit's visor system, allowing Roman to take a more accurate, and specific approach of control over the Early-Type model's systems. He turned the suit, facing a group that had been managing to tail him, he opened fire, the 180mm gun beginning it's rotation, and firing, sleek bullets ripping through their numbers in a matter of moments. By the time he'd finished with those suits, more of the fortress' protection had caught up/on to him, and with this he turned and sped away, continuing the game of distraction to allow the other three coming in from behind the opneing they needed in the fort's defences.

Roman's only worry was getting cornered in these mountainous areas, and the enemy overwhelming him; he hoped Haruka would retun his favor from earlier with the AA turrets, should he ever need it.

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