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((lol, They haven't even passed the entrance exams))

"I don't blame her for not saying anything. Learning a new language is tough. I had to learn the language of my father's people. Not easy." Aruko smiled and tried a sip of the sluge. He made a face. "Ugh and they expect us to drink that every morning?"

He quickly set the cup down and took a spoonful of oatmeal to try and knockout the taste of coffee. It did the trick and he downed the oatmeal. "At least this isn't sludge."

"Don't credit that stuff as sludge," Irene said as she joined her new friends at the table. She waved for Damien and Ray to join them. She then leaned forward in a whisper, "Besides I heard that they do this to all first years before the exams. Sort of liek trying to see who has what it takes." Then she said a little louder, "Then again if this is normal, I'd just as soon as drink some real engine sludge and not this crap."

She noticed Akierra sitting there and gave a gentle tap, "Akierra? You alright?"

"She's just listening to us talk," Aruko explained as he munched on a piece of cantaloupe. "Best way to learn a new language. So anyone feel liek they are ready for these exams?"

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