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"On second thought...yes. Whatever is controlling these people is powerful if it can control an entire city."

Titan just nodded his head as a response to Zeron. He would have made some type of remark had he not been focused on the armed civilians.

"I think we now have a reason to defend ourselves through our own brutal methods." he grunted.

Titan looked over at Erebus and his now unsheathed katana.

"Hold up, if we kill them that makes us just like them. No, whoever's doing this isn't controlling us for a reason...I think this thing is testing us."

He down at the group below and suddenly had a thought. He leaped off the building and turned on his jet boots. He began firing lasers out of his hands to force the civilians to shoot at him. His armor would be durable enough to withstand the bullet least he hoped.

"Candlelight," he called down to him. "I need you to blind these civilians and I need everyone else to disarm them while they're distracted."
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