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Juhani caught herself directly after she was kicked backward and force-jumped back a few feet landing on her feet.

"You honestly think you have a chance against me?" She asked in bewilderment. "Let me tell you something child. I fought against the followers of Darth Malak during the Jedi Civil War. And then I survived the great purge by fighting Sith warriors."

She is quite good. She was able to get a small cut on me. She has had some training which means one of two things: That a Sith master yet lives or that she has had training from some sort of holocron.

Juhani ran at the sith and then kicked at the sith's leg using the force to add more power to the kick. She smiled slightly in satisfaction as she heard a sharp crack when her foot connected to the leg.

"Surrender now. You need not die here today."
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