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Originally Posted by DarthStoney View Post
This was an issue with loading of the cutscenes(907MAL specifically) for Malachor,all you can do for now is keep reloading and sometimes it won't crash. (I've had the same issue). So far with the changes in 1.6 it seems to be fixed now. (fingers crossed).

Best suggestion is to set any/all graphics settings lower.(resolution especially) Onderon is very crash prone and it is probably one of the areas we messed with the least.(wasn't much to add just corrections)
I'm not sure. It doesnt crash. jJust after my character walks into the entrance to the academy (the cutscene with the kneeling sith assassins) it loads and then its just a black screen. The cursor is there, the music is playing, and i can hear flourishing if i push the button. I'm not quite sure what the problem is. I've reloaded before that part like 100 times but it has not ever gotten past that point (Also, the cutscene of the ebon hawk crashing never played when i first got to malachor, why is that?). has worked flawlessly up to this point.

Edit: Ah, i finally got it to work. Yay.

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