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It was Irene who noticed the newcomer and said in a low voice, "Unidentified aircraft three o'clock."

Aruko maneuevered his body to better see what had come in Irene's sights. He appeared to be leaning and studying something else. He popped a bit of toast in his mouth before answering, "It's an instructor."

"How'd you know that?" Irene was surprised.

"Army brat, remember?"

"Right. What's the deal with her sitting here though? I mean don't the faculty have their own mess?" She looked at Rani quizzically.

Aruko hadn't listened but instead was atuned to his own thoughts. He was surprised yet relieved that none of the instructors had pestered him about his parents. His mother was a well respected science officer and his father... well most pilot cadets worshipped him. He had already heard cadets talking about his father and how he had executed a daring maneuever with his fighter and ended up saving his ship. He had rolled his eyes at the cadet's story and had walked away. Even in line in the mess he had heard comments about his father.

To be brutally honest, he wasn't worried about people finding otu who his father was because for the most part, they believed the official story of Rokusians not marrying outside their species or their sister species. Yeah cause look what came Now sitting there playing with his cup of sludge by swirling it around, he thought about the instructor sitting there munching a muffin. What did she hope to gain by sitting their? Intimidate them all so they'd washout?

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