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It fits with what we knew in K1. TSL, in my opinion, was a game of poor character choices, and while enjoyable I never understood everyone's praise and love for its writing, story, characters, and so on. The only redeeming quality of the game was Kreia, and it was in her character to tell lies and twist the truth. Most of what we know of Revan's "backstory" was mostly supposition from a well known liar and manipulator.

The further away of TSL's characters and "backstory" the better. I liked Revan, but taking everything Kreia said to heart is not only silly, but actually makes Revan a far worse written character. He literally cannot lose if we're going by Kreia's story. TSL had good writing, but after a few years to reflect its pretty easy to see why Revan has grown to be such a tired, over rated character. The sad part is, Revan was stuck between two sad cliches. He was either the hero we all needed and had every plan thought out ahead of time and was one with the force and so on, or we have him repeating the same Sith fall told in every Sith story in Star Wars history.

My point is, Revan was not a unique character. There was nothing there to sully because he had already drowned in the slop made up of K1, TSL, and the comics. Nothing that could have been done would be right since you controlled him in K1, TSL made him out to be the god king savior of the galaxy forever superman, and the comics collectively spat on what was left after TSL.

*waits for reasons why I'm wrong and Avellone is right*

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