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Dispite the fact that I usually have a female Revan(none of those male heads, even with edited textures, are that interesting for me), this seems to nip the smallest of things from TSL, and throw the rest into some acidic pool. While I can see why this would be done, it just seems to pull the KOTOR series(so TOR is an offshoot, of sorts, close enough), back to the same morality that the movies use, and thus the facet of Revan chose the dark-side overall, yet still maintaining some aspects of a Jedi, thus using both sides, doesn't fit that scheme at all.

I really don't want to go as far as to say TSL, Avellone or anyone else that wrote even the smallest part of the game, has perfect writing. I'm just saying it was an interesting take on it, one that I can respect(though I can say the same for KOTOR), it just seems wasteful to trash the aspects they have.

It doesn't bother me so much that the canon for both Revan and the Exile is the light-side path, or that one is male, and the other female. though the whole part about meeting the Sith Emperor in the Unknown Regions, and taking orders from him, and then both Revan and Malak taking the mantle themselves, just puts the cliche right into the light. Like it was damned impossible for Revan to do what Kreia said of him, no matter the reasons why Revan act in the ways he did.

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