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"Tempted?" The Sith Initiate's interest was piqued. "I understand your anger. I feel it in your blood, in the veins that are starting to pulse on your forehead. You heard the call of the Dark Side once, didn't you? I can teach you to heed it again." She quickly cast a Force barrier around herself, just in case the Jedi tried to attack her again. Gagnante was still kneeling on all fours. Her pain was too great to allow her to stand. "With your power and sheer force of'd be invincible."

She closed her eyes. "Except to the one whom I obey. He would fight and slay you in seconds, but if you wish, I can teach you how to stand against him." Gagnante's eyes flashed golden-orange for a split second. "I am not a full Sith, or even an apprentice. I am only an Initiate, but even I know that our way is the way of betrayal. He wants your heart, but we can remove his!"
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