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Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
I honestly don't get the gripes about it. All thats in it is what we already know, and its not changed one bit. you may argue you find out a lot more from kreia, but she was a manipulative liar :L..
Also who did she tell her stories about Revan to? The Exile, IMO the Exile had every reason not to trust or believe Kreia’s stories of Revan's greatness, the Exile was on the receiving end of Revan’s betrayal at Malachor V. Considering that, I can see why Kreia’s version of Revan died on Malachor with her. I can’t see a reason for the Exile to spread Kreia’s pro-Revan propaganda even if the Exile believed it considering what happened at Malachor. Add to that if the Exile departed for the Unknown region right away, when would she have had time to spread the pro-Revan propaganda.

Then let us also remember information was lost during and after the Jedi Civil War. Then add to that information being rewritten for political reasons (much like Texas distorting Thomas Jefferson’s influence on the creation of the U.S because they now disagree with his politics in their new Text Books). History can be and is rewritten depending on who is in power and given enough time it can become what is known to be the truth.

“History is written by the victors.” ~ Winton Churchill

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