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Gagnante, truth be told, almost wet herself as soon as she saw Psycho approach them. What in the Force is that disgusting--thing?! It appeared to be a masked, droid-like figure with red and black body armor and clawed hands. "Stay back, monstrosity!" she growled. The Force barrier around her started to weaken. She was losing her concentration. "Are you of the Dark Side, or the Light?!" Then, realizing what the thing said, she raised an eyebrow. "You're assisting this Jedi? Then I'll have to kill you, too."

Once more she tried to stand, slowly, slowly--but the effort was futile. The shimmering barrier around her body dropped, and Gagnante knew that either way, by Juhani's hand or the creature's, she was done for. She looked up.

"Do you know what Gagnante, my name, means?" she asked. "Winner. I was trained and raised as a Sith, ever since the remnants of them found me in the slums of Coruscant. I was only five years old. I'm thirty-three, and I've never lost a battle until now. My Master does not call me that for nothing. He kills anyone who fails him."

She turned her eyes to Juhani. "Before you strike, you may call me Perdante." Humbly, she pronounced it pair-DAHN-tuh. "It means 'loser', or 'lost one', in the feminine form. It's a Coruscanti slang word, and I choose to wear it as a badge of honor instead of shame. You have bested me, Jedi, and far more--you have offered me a way out of this trap in which I have found myself. If you wish to kill me, do so. I am Sith...yet I surrender."

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