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The defeated young warrior (well, at least younger than her conqueror!) felt her fevered brain spring into action. Lifting her hands high, in a gesture that did not only signify surrender, she threw up a Force wall between the Jedi and the man who had most recently spoken. Gagnante's instincts told her that he was out to kill them both, and the creature, before his day was through. Thus, if they were all to survive, they had to stand together instead of fight.

Kneeling on all fours again, she crawled backwards, trying to get further and further away from their newest attacker. How long would her Force wall hold? It seemed to have knocked the strange man away from Juhani when it came down, at least for a moment. Could she strengthen it to a full barrier?

She had to try. Knowing she was risking her own life to save the Jedi's, Gagnante--now known as Perdante--shut her eyes and meditated with all the strength of her soul. When she opened them, the barrier was solid. At last!
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