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Perdante let out a long, slow, groan. Too many attackers, and not enough defenders. It was a position in which she often found herself playing dejarik against a more experienced opponent. One of her pieces would be under siege, and she hadn't enough pieces protecting it. Thus, she lost it.

At this rate, the Jedi is lost. I am nowhere near as powerful as she is in the Force, and I can't hold the barrier up around her for much longer. She again became aware that her hair was soaked with sweat, and she stank.

Let's see, there's one attacker--the strange man who broke my Force wall. He's most definitely after Juhani. Then there's a second attacker, the Iridonian I know, Goran Tex. He seems to have surrendered for the moment and is weeping. Strange. What am I going to do if either one of them suddenly decides to come after me? This pain is driving me mad, and I might faint. The only one defending Juhani besides herself The creature who seems to be her ally is just standing there, albeit in a battle stance.

She tried counting seconds in order to concentrate upon re-creating the barrier around Juhani. One, one thousand, two, one thousand, three...

Perdante could take it no more. She collapsed in an unconscious heap.
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