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Chapter VIII – Visions

My expectations were very simplistic. There were a million different possibilities that could have greeted me here, and nearly every single one of them that I could envision, ended up in a fight. One that I knew I could win, but whether I would, was all up to chance. However, what really happened was far less violent, as well as completely devoid of it. A single female, with very pale skin walked up to me, unarmed, aside from the lightsaber that was on her belt. She made no move that implied that she planed on using it, whatsoever.

“Your arrival has been...expected. Those who you will learn from have not arrived yet, however, you are welcomed to delve into the knowledge this academy possess.” Her tone wasn't droning, but it was a dulled tone, something that I knew wasn't exactly unheard of for a Sith, or so some say.

The archives the Academy contained were not just about famous Sith, or about force techniques. In truth, it was a system that did far more than tell you things. It made you do things, made you understand how you did it, to the point that you learn it far quicker than taking years of your life to train for a single thing. However, it did effect you in ways that for me, mattered little. Even more so then before, it was quite obvious what side I was on. No mistake could be made when it came to that, and I doubted that any one would make the mistake. Though they would make the mistake of fighting me.

While my prosthetic didn't make my training difficult, it was something that I liked. The sound of the metal fingers hitting either something else, or the sound of the fingers, wrist, or elbow made when it moved. It was less apparent when I had the glove on, but being where I was, there wasn't much call for formalities. And thus not much call to impress anyone.

“I know why you have it, but it just sounds creepy. Almost wish they could've added skin to it, at least so it wouldn't, well, 'clink' so much.”

I laughed. “So you don't think it adds to my personally? Sure, I might not be anything like Malak, who might just be somewhat annoying if he made a noise all the damned time, but I like it. I wonder what that Wookie of a man would lose, and what he would need replacing. Either way, I don't think it would change how imposing he obviously is.”

While I'd become quite adept at fixing my appendage, it proved difficult, depending on exactly what needed to be fixed. That was the main reason that a gift from, somewhat surprisingly, Renae. While it looked much like the HK series droids that both she and Revan had built, it was a little more stream-lined, even if it was the same size, and had all the combat and medical programs I needed.

Meditation was, difficult for me. It had always been, though the exact reason has been something of a mystery to me. Revan told me that it had to do with the fact that I had a strong connection to the force, and sometimes it allowed me to predict things that, of course, hadn't happened yet. I was tempted to say 'its all Ithorian to me', but I didn't. But she did have a point, as what I had glimpses of, were things I couldn't exactly understand, but involved me. Though what I did make out, was horrifying.

Most of it was, about me. Though what bothered me, was that I felt it. Even worse than before. Sure, I'd almost predicted that I'd lose an arm, but this time, I was far worse. Trouble was, I really didn't want to know just how worse it could get. That was the sort of knowledge, that I knew would kill me.

“Are you busy, or just thinking?”

I turned my head, to see Victoria sitting on my bed. “Didn't I tell you it was Meditation, and not just mindless thought?”

“Of course you did, but its something that I'm having a little trouble getting my head around. I mean, being able to predict, pretty accurately, the future? No wonder the Republic won the Mandalorian War. “ She laid down on the bed itself, still staring at me.

“You did sum it up nicely, but it isn't always what you want to know. I somewhat wish it was, but then again, I don't. I like a little surprise.”

Concentrating once again, I tried to delve deeper into my thoughts, hoping to find out more of the future. Some believed that this was something that any who used the dark-side was somewhat barred from doing, though I knew better. Maybe some who use the darker side of the force find themselves unable to do so, I wasn't one of them. However, what I saw, wasn't anything like I expected. Visions of turbo-lasers falling onto planets, carving up their surface. An armada going up against the Republic, and decimating it. The ranks of the Jedi falling into the hundreds, their relationship with the Republic faltering, and the line between what makes a Jedi, and a Sith becoming obscure, and nearly impossible for the common person to understand. At the head of all this, was a single person, even though many behind her made it happen. This person would be...Revan.

“My god...she's going to...”

Victoria sat up. “Who's going to, what?”

I stood, leaning against my desk. “Its...Revan. She's going to start another war. But this time...”

“Honestly, that doesn't sound like something she wouldn't do. Though it can't be the Mandalorians again. Do you know who it will be against this time?”

I turned to face her. “She wants to face...the Republic...and more importantly...the Jedi...”

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