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When people are unconscious, they do not dream, because they are not aware of anything. That was what Perdante had always been told by her Sith superiors, especially when they were training her in the use of weapons that did not involve the Force--like poison. Unconscious prey is easy prey. That she was, and yet the young Sith Initiate was being rescued...

Aboard Juhani's Vessel, Medbay

Fire. The smell of sulphur. Pandemonium as everyone in sight screams and tries to run for cover. Debris is flying through the air, some of it burning rock. There is no escape from what has happened, and none from what will happen if the Found insist on trying to save--meaning imprison and kill--the lost.

Perdante wriggled upon the medbay cot like a wounded snake, still incapacitated, but dreaming nonetheless. It was a strange coincidence--or was it?--that at the same moment she was having the nightmare, the ruins of the Jedi Enclave exploded. The bombs that Juhani's attacker had planted at the base of it had all gone off, and now the headquarters of the rebuilt Enclave were in flames.

((Capisce? The Jedi Enclave EXPLODED, because FFWMe12 blew it up! Uh, FF--sorry I had the Enclave explode, but let's just say the detonator went off by mistake during your battle because it was jostled by accident. You're still alive, BTW. Don't hate me!))


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