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Juhani made sure that the sith was in the medbay and was under close watch by one of the ship's two droids before settling herself into the pilot's chair of the Ebon Blade, a dynamic class freighter much like the Ebon Hawk that she used to travel on back in the days with Revan and the others.

How I miss those days.

She motioned for the Armored man to sit down in the co-pilots seat as she began to power up the ship's engines. Even as she did so, she heard a loud explosion from off in the distance.

I wonder what that was? Sounds like some sort of foundation gave way directly after the explosion.

She spoke to the armored man even as she hit the buttons that activated the ship's repulsars. "We're getting as far away from Dantooine as possible. Activating shields just in case and setting course for Coruscant."
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