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Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant, 14:00

"In order to be found, you must first admit that you are lost."

"Praise the Creator!" came the responding cry of five hundred people, both human and alien. They were listening to their teacher, Seeker Adeline.

"Those people who use the Force to advance their own power, for good or evil, are lost. The Jedi and the Sith are one in the eyes of the Creator."

"They are lost!" shouted the crowd. "Creator forgive them all!"

"And if they are not forgiven," continued Seeker Adeline, "it is their own fault. Force users have destroyed this galaxy, whether they claim to serve the Light Side or the Dark. They are the ones who have plunged us into civil war, have murdered our wives, husbands, and children, and have hurled us into chaos! We must make our homeworlds safe for all who are not sensitive to the Force, and safe for those who would never even think of wielding it."

"Keep us safe! Creator keep us safe!"

Seeker Adeline smiled. "You have all done well to remember these things. That is why each of you has been marked with the sign of the Eye. Without the Eye, you cannot find anyone, especially those who use the Force as either a tool or a weapon. Your mission is to find and save the lost." Turning her gaze from triumphant to grave, Seeker Adeline folded her hands in front of her. She surveyed her laity, knowing that everyone was highly devout.

"Now, then. Seeking and saving the lost has two forms. What are they? This time, only one of you may answer. Pilgrim Nadaa? What have you to say?"

Pilgrim Nadaa, a lovely orange Twi'lek, replied, "Gain through Loss, or Life through Death." She paused for a moment. "Gain through Loss is the first and preferred method of salvation. It's when a Force user chooses, of his own free will, to be exposed to the mineral embedded in our skin for one hour."

"Very good, Pilgrim. And what is that mineral?"

"The source of our salvation. It is called ostanovium, from an ancient word meaning 'to stop'. It absorbs and negates Force energy and power. If a Force user is exposed to it for sixty minutes' time, they will lose their ability to wield the Force. Gain through Loss is only to be used when 'finding' Jedi."

"And the Sith?" asked Seeker Adeline. "What of them? Someone else, speak."

Another Pilgrim raised his hand. "They shall experience Life through Death. This means that at the moment we slay their physical body, their spirit shall be set free. It will not return to the Force, and they will not return to use it."

Seeker Adeline smiled. "Excellent. You have learned well. Sith are to be killed on sight, and the Jedi imprisoned in solitary confinement until they either starve to death or choose to undergo Gain through Loss. I trust that each of you will do what is necessary to seek and save them, either through one method or the other. As for those who are Force-sensitive but not yet Jedi or Sith, they shall be exposed to ostanovium indirectly, yet powerfully. How this is to be accomplished, I will leave to the engineers in the crowd."

Nervous chuckles from the engineers. What in space were they going to do?

"In the end," said the Seeker, "why are we doing this? What is our purpose?"

"To seek and find," replied the crowd, "and to protect the galaxy forever."

The door to the Gathering Place opened. Someone had returned at last.

"Pilgrim Dominic!" Seeker Adeline's eyes lit up. "How did our operation fare?"
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