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Dell sells quality monitors and backs them with a great warranty.
Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
Anyone had any experience with the new XFX PSU's? I'm looking to put together a new system and found that SeaSonic (a PSU Mfg I trust) made the PSU's for XFX's foray into the Power Supply market.

Been looking at his one because it was rock solid in johnny guru's tests

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else had an XFX here with any good/bad experiance.
I missed this earlier. Seasonic makes quality PSUs for several brands such as Corsair and Antec, and it's very possible to get essentially the same unit, but wearing a different badge, for a lot less. Take the True Power New 750W, for instance. Like that XFX, at heart it's a Seasonic M12D and it also sports a 5-year warranty, but I've seen Newegg sell the Antec for as low as $70.00 after rebate with free shipping, which is half of what they're selling that XFX model for, and it's the same PSU. I'm pretty sure that one of Corsair's 750W models is also the same unit, but I'm not sure which one. I'd just get whichever one you can find the best deal on whenever you're ready to buy it.
Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
I'd not really planned to go with crossfire as the board I'm looking at reverts to x8 lanes when the two pic-e 2.0 lanes are both in use. It'd be another 40-80 bucks to bump up to a board with the 890FX chipset (the board I'm looking at uses 890GX) to get 2 pcie 2.0 x16 lanes to use. Which puts 2 5770 and 1 5870 at pratically the same pricepoint.
Single-GPU is usually preferable to multi-GPU, but in this case dual 5770s would be cheaper to get. While there is a loss of performance while running at x8, remember that PCIE 2.0 has twice the bandwidth of 1.0, so 2.0@x8 is like 1.0@x16 and is pushing nearly 4GBs/sec, so the loss in performance, while measurable, isn't that great like it was with 1.0 (note the difference between X48 @x16 and P45 @x8). In other words, you wouldn't have to spring for the better motherboard at all. Two 5770s would still be faster than a single 5870 on that same motherboard, even at x8. You could also get one 5770 at first and then wait for a killer deal on a second one. A couple of years ago I would've never recommended doing this, but support for SLI/Crossfire has improved so much lately that it's become a really attractive option, IMO, especially with a great bang/buck card like the 5770.

Finding the best deal on computer parts is sort of a(n) obsession hobby of mine, so, if you want, I could keep an eye out for deals on what you're looking for. You wouldn't believe some of the deals I've come across.

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