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Always a possibility...

As long as there are people stupid enough not to learn from their own or their predecessor's mistakes...wars will be prevalent. It's an unfortunate fact...but it's the way things are. I would consider a "world war" as any conflict that involves 2 or more world powers...nukes or not.

IF there is a world war at some point...I doubt we see it within the next 50 years. After that...who knows.

I really find that most of this fear that is mustered up between nations like Iran, N. Korea, etc. comes from the news and media corporations.

I feel like everyone fears that a war between China and the U.S. is in the future for both countries, but I don't understand it...

Originally Posted by JediAthos View Post
There's enough instability in the world today that like you Tysy I wouldn't discount it entirely. I certainly hope not, but between Kim Jong Il, that psycho in Iran, and Hugo Chavez there's enough crazy out there that ya just never know.
Agreed with the first 2...but Hugo Chavez? He's just got a big mouth and likes the attention. I wish "Jason Bourne" would go in there and take him out...not so much for political gain...just so I wouldn't have to hear about his asinine rants all of the time. Maybe within the next couple decades and he's out of his marginal amount of oil to use as leverage...he'll learn to shut up.

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