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(How Goran Escaped [Log]

"As i saw my Old Masters Failure fall to the Ground with a Mighty thud, my Mind Finally Was awake. I Would not be able to kill the 100 Beasts my Master Wants as i am not as Him. I Will No Longer be a Subject to the Sith or the Jedi. The Force Flows through all Creatures, Except those i left behind. I Escaped the Battle By Quickly Boarding my Own Vessel when the Attacker was Distracted by the Fleeing Jedi. I Have there Ship Locked in and It Appears i am Heading to The Heart of the Republic. The Failure cannot Die, As She is Something Different."

(Goran will Now Follow the Failure where ever she Goes Even if he doesnt Appear) [Mainly so MY Character Doesnt Get Lost xD]

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