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And so, fate has come to pass. One only there shall be, any more shall be cast off, thought Ibis, as he walked the Korriban sand. Cast off they have been. One has failed, the other has deserted. But the Dark Side is not kind to those would embrace it, only to turn away...

He sat down, then, in front of the tomb of Ajunta Pall, then concentrated his thoughts. He channeled the energy of Korriban, the very dark energies that flow within its core. He harnessed it, and turned it into raw, unimaginable power. And as he did this, his true intent was revealed.

A crimson lightsaber flew outside of the tomb, and hovered above the Sith Lord. Ibis stood up, then held the lightsaber, and with his bare hands, crushed it.

"Alas, my initiate. You are forgotten."

Then, saying this, he dropped the fragments of the once-powerful weapon into the ground, concentrating on it no more. He stood up, looked to the skies, and soared. The Dark Side can do powerful things, impossible things with an otherwise limiting body. And in a place where the Dark Side flows as wildly as it does in Korriban, the possibilities are limitless for one who is knowledgeable.

And so, Ibis soared, above Korriban, looking, for the one who has ran away...

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