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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
Is anyone else noticing the inappopriateness of the ball for powered long shots?!!

Seriously, adidas should stop trying to renivent the ball every four years. FIFA should poll the players/leagues which ball they most enjoy using and go with that. Of course - there's probably a multi billion dollar contract between FIFA and adidas that would put a dampener on such a common sense idea
What I don't get is if something ain't broke don't fix it, can you really make a ball more ball like?

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
Great work J7!! You must have one of those Back To The Future Sports Almanacs
Hehe, I was only one goal of on South Korea game, thought they'd win 3-0 - Though I forgot to write that prediction up here. However currently Slovenia and Algeria are derailing my predictions, this game is horrific, at this point I'd be surprised to see a goal, let lone the 2-0 Slovenia win I thought...

SERBIA v GHANA: This is a fascinatingly difficult to call game, in what is a very tight group in that I think any of Serbia, Ghana and Australia could emerge in second place to Germany. I think Ghana may well prevail 2-1 or 3-2. On paper Serbia should have a really good defence, but it doesn't always look good in games, and they did loose 1-0 to New Zealand in the pre tournament friendlies. I think looking on to later games given history though Serbia could pull a surprise against the Germans, in what for them will be a bit of a grudge game.

GERMANY v AUSTRALIA: 2-0 I agree here with Astro, despite their injuries the Germans are the Germans, and in Lahm, I think they have the best fullback in the competition, I think Australia could finish second, but I'm not sure if they have what it takes to score against Germany.

NETHERLANDS v DENMARK: I'll go 3-0, IIRC Holland only conceded 2 goals in qualifying, and also I'm reminded of the Euro's where they stuffed Italy and France, so they should win comfortably.

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