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"Never saw a Shinigami do that before but I have seen Jedi in action and you sister are not a typical one. In fact you act more like the Jedi of Avalon. You sure you're with the orde on Coruscant?"

"Like I said, I don't really count myself as a member of the order anymore. I used to be with the Jedi order of the old republic around a hundred years back, but Palpatine destroyed that order."

Alriana shot a glance at Tavaryn before continuing.

"In fact...I don't even know what Avalon is. But enought of this. When should we begin trying to get information out of the Togorian?"

Deep space

The newly self-appointed Grand Admiral Beroc was looking over status reports when his first officer approached him again, this time holding a datapad. He had a nervous look on his face.

"We've recieved a report from one of our spies in the Republic fleet. It appears that a team is being assembled to go to Geonosis to investigate the source of the infection. It appears that they got the information from the Star Destroyer that was infected."

Assemble all available ships and have them set course for Geonosis. We're going to destroy the Republic ships before they get a chance to discover anything there."

The first officer nodded once and then left to go assemble the fleet. This will be a glorious day for the Empire.

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