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"The Republic will be expecting us. They will find a way around our armada, or match its strength. You will need to guard our abandoned base itself if you want to stop them."

Beroc grunted as the sith lord left the bridge. He didn't really care for the Sith lord but there was no way to get rid of him, not without making the Empire weak. But there would come a time when the Sith lord would be a liability, when the Republic would discover his existance and come after him.

And when that time comes, the Republic will send their full forces against us.

He watched as a large group of ships, ranging from Light crusers to the heavily armed Star Destroyers that made up the majority of the fleet assembled in a triangle formation around his ship. He smiled as he watched the ships in front of him enter hyperspace and then felt a rumble as his ship entered hyperspace.

Soon...our loss at Huntaru station will be avenged.
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