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Revan's Possible Fate

I may have figured out what happened to our beloved Revan and there doesn't even need to be a KOTOR 3 to find out what it is. We just follow the clues in the games. One clue is HK-47. For those of you in KOTOR who restore his memory he tells you that he shuts down after his master gets killed or dies. HK-47 went with Revan to the Unknown Regions and in KOTOR II you find him deactivated in the Ebon Hawk. Revan had set out to find and destroy the Sith in the Unknown Regions and by the looks of things in TOR he failed. It's really easy to figure it out. They didn't need to make a KOTOR 3 when we could easily figure it out. The best stories are usually the ones that leave you with questions at the end. So that may very well be Revan's fate....
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