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@Niner.. vuvuzelas are a tradition in South African football. Whilst it is indeed annoying, it is quite unlikely FIFA will take a stand on it now. EQ it out in your home theatre amp, or just turn it down

Those of us whom have been following football for a long time will probably find the horns a bit easier to bear that what we used to be subjected to every year during the old Intercontinental cup aka the Toyota Cup. There was a constant siren sound that really was much more annoying than the horns... here's a clip I found on YT to demonstrate. Luckily the modern version of this tourney(World Club Championships) no longer suffers from this

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YouTube Video

As for the matches... Great to see another African victory for Ghana, though not a hugely convincing one...

I'm sure it is clear now why I'm cheering for Spain in this world cup as opposed to Ozstralia. I can't believe how badly they played in defense .... I'm pretty sure me and my (deceased of 8 years) grandma could have put in equivalent performance, weekend at Bernies style

Looking forward to DAY 4! Some more tips to not put money on!


ITALY v PARAGUAY: 1-0 >>although I really want Italy to lose because that idiot Marcello Lippi refused to include Antonio Cassano in his squad.


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