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Meta paid no attention to the newly arrived men with guns, mainly because he was already racing up the set of stairs in the building he had chosen to enter. It was a small, brown building that sort of stood out next to some skyscrapers and probably was close to being sold and reduced to rubble. Either that, or it was a historic landmark, not that Meta cared them that much. Just a big waste of space in his personal opinion, though that really didn't matter when civilians were acting like animals and people were firing bullets. That's why he picked up the woman and ran fast. He did not receive the message from the entity that had contacted the others and nor was he aware of the sudden alliance made with the sniper. By the time he did reach the roof, one of the heroes was already creating a blinding flash that would have blinded Meta were he human.

Meta was not human, so he was not blinded and did not hear the evil entity in his head upon reaching the roof. He was confused as he approached the edge of the roof and set the woman down against the the small wall jutting from the edge. One of the heroes was hovering near the sniper instead of fighting, and now a police force armed to the teeth had shown up. Meta was more than glad to draw his weapon and aim it at them, considering that being armed made them viable targets to shoot. No one was fighting though, and that was enough to give Meta the pause in initiating a slaughter.
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