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Originally Posted by Darth Eclipse View Post
Well...That looks cute...
LOL! That really made me laugh hard :P

Originally Posted by Harkonnen07 View Post
Anybody recognize the monster behind Starkiller now.
Looks like a cross from a rancor and the snow moster from Empire Strikes Back

Originally Posted by Redeemed Jedi View Post
I just discovered some secret images on the official website. I do not know how old/new these are but it seems that the background will change every 1-2 minutes to show 1 of 3 images in a negative/inverted look.
Thanks for sharing. These are cool!

Originally Posted by Rinku View Post
The third picture looks like
Show spoiler
Ha, ha, it does. That's a little cool.

Was able to get these images:

Image #1
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Image #2
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Image #3
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Image #4
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