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Originally Posted by ehdrmfka View Post
I was very disappointed with one fixed character in FU, this time they should make a character customization system where you could choose sex at least.

anyone agree?
I think it makes the game more complicated. One thing that annoyed me about the multi-customes and gender choice in the Kotor games, is that there was already a set cannon.

So, then, what's the point. They shouldn't do a cannon version and then give the gamers a multible choice. It's like a slap in the face by the developers, it can be any gender/style/look but we already have it set in stone.

It's better that the developers of TFU avoided that. The change in character appearance isn't as bad as gender change. It actually has a whole new way and point of view of expressing the game.

Not to mention that it causes a lot of controversy and even confusing between fans. Even the non-canon fans are upset at the developers for deciding cannon in multi-change games.

Idk, just my opinion and what I've noticed over the years.

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