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Arrow Microsoft Conference

10:00 AM - Microsoft Press Conference [world times] [watch conference]

Okay here are the highlights...

- Xbox 360 redesign with built in WiFi and 250GB HDD will cost $299, the same as the current 360 and is available THIS week in the US

- Showed off CoD Black ops, Gears of War 3, Halo Reach, Fable III, etc... standard 360 games that a lot of people want.

- Also showed off Metal Gear Rising... and watermelon cutting.

- Kinect, formerly known as Natal shown off. Many games were shown off and it looks as if it's going to be an excellent edition to a family setting. 15 games will be released with Kinect on NOVEMBER 4 this year. Fpr more details about Kinect, see the Kinect thread in this forum...

- Star Wars Clone Wars game shown off. Uses Kinect, is on-rails, uses hand gestures to control lightsaber and force powers, looks to be early in development.

- ESPN now free for all gold members of Xbox Live.

- Xbox dashboard being upgraded to include gesture controls using Kinect as well as voice control. Tell the Xbox to do something by saying "XBOX" and then a command. Works pretty well...

- Xbox dashboard looking more and more like the Wii channels menu...

- Some of the Kinect games that were shown off were very familiar since they seem to be direct competition for games already available on Wii. Some of the games shown off look to be superior to their Wii counterparts.

- More emphasis put on watching movies, chatting with friends, listening to music, using Zune and Windows Phone 7 with your 360.

I'm lazy so if you want to see pics of the conference you can see them here:

It is 5:20am as i type up this edit and I still have to stay awake for the EA and Ubisoft shows... I won't be making threads for those but I may post up new threads/posts regarding specific games they'll be showing... particularly about Dead Space |

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