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"That would be logical Master Skywalker," Jun-la agreed. "He is in such pain and as such would have rather died." Her face clouded in a mixture of pity and sadness. It cleared and she said, "I must go make sure Jedi Kalla and Tonatius are ready."


Tonatius was happy. He was going to see his cousin again. He had read the reports and she was doing better but he wondered briefly how Kalla would react. It wasn't jealousy but rather a sense of obligation. If Kalla still had feelings for Andorra, he would encourage them and step aside. These were not his thoughts when he was gathering his gear. Rather they were directed towards the prisoner.

He said, "Kalla, I know about compulsion. It is something I would you rather not have to know personally."


Haruka looked at the Jedi in disbelief, "You mean you don't know about the rear guard defense of the Republic during the Clone Wars? Avalon was key in the Outer Rim Sieges particularly during an inicident with a codebreaker. Jedi Ashira-Li Starlighter was the general in charge."

Tavaryn said nothing. He knew all about the Clone Wars. What his mother didn't tell him, others did or he found out for himself. It was during the war that his parents realized their feelings for each other. Hearing about it made him actually miss his mother and he knew that Andros and Padme Lilah missed her as well.

He managed to get the convrsation back on track by hauling up the downed Togorian and said, "We can interrogate here Alriana. Just radio R4 to bring a medkit to stabilize."

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