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I posted something that might help you in an other thread so :

Well, it seems you don't know the full functions of kotor tool ^^"


With Kotor tools, you can open almost EVERY component of the game:

- you can open the characters: modify their stats, their name, their appearance, their equiped items, their droped items etc.

-Open the item files: modifu their damage, bonus stats, effects, like poison, stun, critical X2 etc etc

-Extract, the textures, the models, etc

You have a big content in the "BIFs" like almost all the items, some characters, The 2Da files and more... (with the 2Da you can change de XP rates, the effect of poisons, the appearances, the feats gained per lvl, or the force powers gainded per lvl, the lvl required for some power, and much more x),

Then after it you have the RIMs where you have all the modules in the game, so if you want to change some specific character or other, search the module in there, the item, placeable (cilinder), character, etc...

Then finally the ERFs where you have your custom modules (from mods), and the texture packs of everything

And dont touch the savegame part, it's a bad idea if you don't know well what you're doing x)

so you can have fun exploring all of that, but if you do it, put your corrent override in a safe place, and di it with a new one, like this if you mess up some files, you can just delete your override ^^

Hope i help
If you need more help tell my what you don't understand exactly ^^

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