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Well, go the the RIMs, then you have all the modules of the game, so chose the module where you want to add the items, (go to tools>Options> then check "show module Descriptions" and "show module locations" tu see in the Rims the name of the modules).

Then expand the module you want (there are two times each module, one is the module.rim, and the other the module_s.rim, this last is the one you must expand), then you have different options:

-Blueprint, Character: here you have all the characters of the module, you can also put your mod items in a character, you can made them wield the item or just drop it. (to do that open their "inventory".

Blueprint, Doors: if you don't make new modules, or big modules changes, there is not any use of knowing about it.

Blueprint, Item: here you have the unique items in the module, for example: you will not have de g_w_blstrfl01.uti, that you found every where, but you will have for example the "sith_passcard" you only found in that specific module, etc etc, so when you don't find a item in the BIFs, lokk for it here.

Blueprint, Placeables: that's the one you're interesed in, the placeables, are the triggers, the containers, the death corpses, the swoops, cages, etc here an there. So to add an item to a container, you have to look for one in this list, but you have to be sure that this file is unique, for example you can have two, or three modules that use different "footloker001.utp" but your override won't recognize of wich module is the one you have modified, so it will change ALL the "footloker001.utp" in the game, so you must look at the unique placeable, for example:

In the tar_m08aa_s.rim, the Davik's Estate, in taris, you have the footloker001.utp, and you must not touch it if you don't want to loos the contain of other footlokers through the game, and found your custom item everywhere, but you have also a "tar08_strongbox0.utp" the fact that there is the "tar08" means it is on "tar_m08" so, you can be sure it is an unique placeable, then you can open it an edit his inventory, to do it, you have to add a new item, from the list you have at your left, then in the column "ResRef", you delete the one of the item you put and you put the one of the item you want (the resref is in the uti files, of your custom items, and is the reference that you have to tip in the cheat codes), the name of the old item will remain, but you just click on "ok" and open it again, normally there will be only the resref, and nothing in the "name column", when it's done, you can save you placeable, and put it in your override, and go looking for it in the game ^^.

(if you edit a placeable on a module where you have already been in your savegame, it won't work, so you have or edit a placeable of a module you have never visit, or star a new game, ou an earlier savegame, to add it in a module you have already been in your savegame)

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