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It's possible, but you should extract all the modules files, edit the map to add the container, compile it again, and put it in the modules folder, but that's not really convenient, I think you can also do it by scripting, but the scripts aren't really a part of my modding knowledge.

But don't worry about breaking the game, everything you can do, can be fixed by removing the files you edited, you just have to always keep two savegames, one of your current game, and the other one of the last module you were before the one where you are in your current game, like this if you found a bug since you are playing, and you're blocked, you can fix it, and load te previous save game, and when you will enter to the module bugging again, it will be reload, so the files you fixed will be reloaded too, and the module will work fine.

Just one last thing, if you made a new item, put the same file name as the resref (example: katana.uti; resref: katana), i you don't your savegame could be ruined.

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