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Lynk and I did a 'chat simulcast' during the Microsoft presentation.

It's completely uncut. Our skype call dropped at about minute 30, so we lost part of the commentary there. We also restarted real quick about hour 1:45 or so in order to make sure the skypecallrecorder program didn't cut off anything. I added a couple beeps into the podcast where you can stop everything, listen forward to our mp3 a bit, find out what we're talking about, and then pause it. Once the conference catches up to us, restart our mp3 again.

Here's what you have to do. Pull up a stream of the Microsoft conference from one of these sites (I'll post Microsoft's when they actually get theirs up).

Then, pull up our 'simulcast':

We started speaking a couple of minutes before MS's program started, so if the stream of the conference starts in the middle of the CoD Black Ops, you may have to pause the MS conference until our mp3 catches up. I tried to mention the developers as they appeared on stage so that you can figure out where we're at and sync up accordingly.


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