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Heh, I know the feeling. The labyrinth was probably my favorite part in the game, I just couldn't resist making a map. The atmosphere there is just so good.
Mind you though, I made a mistake on the vanilla map, the tram that goes directly to atlantis which is connected to doorway 43 is facing the wrong way. On my map it's facing south, while it should face north.

I read a bit further, and I have some criticism.
- Indy often calls Sophia "Sophie", which he never does in the game, kinda annoys me. It feels out of character.
- When I hear the name Torsten, I think of Scandinavia, not Germany.

Otherwize it's good mostly, some of the filling in of the blank spots is nicely done. In other places I'm not so sure, though I couldn't do any better.

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