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Useless and not so funny knowledge:

William Todd, of Boloxi Mississippi was fired from his job at a newspaper company when pictures of him surfaced on the internet with some rather disconcerting text written across them. Photos were taken by a photography student for his class project during his homeless time after hurricane catrina as a construciton worker. The pictures somehow made their way onto the internet.

Some douche cone later decided to come along on the internet and that it'd be funny to make rape jokes with text on these pictures.

I have angrily used one such picture on one occasion but actually it was not in jest, rather in mind anger and malice toward someone IRL who was no longer a friend that made similar jests about that kind of misfortune. Which I should note, was promptly taken down. Though I do understand the creep-out factor occasionally is amusing, this kind of thing isn't funny.

I feel sorry for William Todd and all the ill notoriety those pictures have gained him. I also frown upon the student who posted those pictures on the internet for such easy access. And lastly, I want to kick whom ever made those bad pictures. There are real people out there who have fallen victim to that kind of thing.

Lesson here: Careful what pictures you let people take of you with a digital camera because it may end up on the internet.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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