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Aruko leaned back and grinned in amusement at the spectacle. "Mom did say you weren't one to pull punches. I'm inclined to agree ma'am."

Irene looked as if her Christmases had come all at once. "Ditto."

Aruko set down his cup of sludge and pushed it away. He liked this instructor and he had heard of Sgt Cul as well. Krishna was the third year combat instructor yet he occassionally would take a squad from second and first year and put them through their paces. He wasn't sure whom he'd prefer but he was willing to give a try. Basic combat was required of all first years. After that, it was elective for fleet candidates and mobile army went into full blown boot. He said, "Nice of you to bet in dollars seeing as we trade galatcicallyin credits. What year are the dollars in? I'm missing 1999." He said it in good humor knowing that Tally was serious but also calling to her challenge. He liked a good challenge.

If he was intending to impress Rani, he had no idea. All that mattered was to pass the examinations and get into routine schedules.

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