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Tally abruptly slapped her forehead with the palm of her hand. "Snap! I meant credits, not dollars. Credits." She blushed. "I haven't had my morning caffeine."

She looked around for any standing cups of coffee. Finding none, she took a tiny syringe out of her pocket and removed the needle cap. "Pure," she said. "Distilled sample. My last name isn't Voltaic for nothing. I had it legally changed from what it used to be--Snodgrass." She heard snickers nearby. "I'm not kidding, cadets. You'd best not laugh, or you'll be next on the floor."

Utter silence ensued. The Instructor glanced at her steel chronometer.

"Got to run," she said quickly. "I'm proctoring the entrance exams in fifteen."

Bolting up from the table, she sprinted like the wind out of the mess hall.
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