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"Seeing what his Masters had done to him was horrifying." Kalla commented, looking over the report of the Cygnus from her father. "I wonder if that's how my father and Iyav felt killing the infected crew of the Cygnus." She added, taking out her armoured robes. They looked like a brown version of her standard tunic, attached to a beige version of Republic Guardsman armour.

She could tell that Tonatius had something else on his mind, though, and told him, "I'm looking forward to seeing Andorra and Lenatha again too, but if I still had feelings for her, you'd know, and I'd have acted on them. You know I'm not one for keeping secrets. Besides, I've heard they've grown somewhat fond of each other. They're good together, and so are we." She then gave him a kiss before getting back to work.


"Commander, there is the danger that the New Empire is anticipating us, so the team will need a way around that. I'd personally recommend a ship with a cloaking device." Iyav said to Belina.

"Barring that, the only other option would be to use the fleet to create a diversion. It's likely that they are in an equal state of disrepair to us; a confrontation could end in a stalemate." He added.

"The potential losses aren't worth the risk. I recommend a cloaked ship." Komad commented.


"The Republic will be sending a team, likely Guardsmen and Jedi, to investigate our labs on Geonosis. I may have need of your skills." Darth Pestilus replied as the two of them entered the hangar. "Exercise caution, the vivinecrosis gas may still linger throughout the base."

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